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KitapBulan > Kitap > Pearson Yayıncılık > Final Cut Pro 7; Professional Video Editing
Final Cut Pro 7; Professional Video Editing
ISBN: 9780321635273
Yazar Adı: Diana Weynand
Yayıncı: Pearson Yayıncılık
Dil: İngilizce
Cilt: Karton
En (cm): 19,5
Boy (cm): 27,5
Kağıt Cinsi: 2.Hamur
Sayfa Sayısı: 576
Baskı Sayısı: 1

Final Cut Pro 7; Professional Video Editing

Pearson Yayıncılık

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Etiket Fiyatı: 163,90 TL
Kitapbulan Fiyatı: 131,12 TL
Kazancınız: 32,78 TL
Kazanacağınız Puan: 262
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Completely revised for Final Cut Pro 7 and featuring new footage from TNT's hit show Leverage and the international music creation event Playing For Change: Peace Through Music, this best-selling, Apple-certified guide provides a strong foundation in all aspects of video editing. Renowned author Diana Weynand starts with basic video editing techniques and takes you all the way through Final Cut Pro's powerful advanced features.

Each chapter presents a complete lesson in an aspect of video editing and finishing, using professional broadcast footage. After marking and editing clips to create a rough cut, you'll learn how to trim and refine the cut before moving on to complex tasks such as adding titles, creating transitions and motion effects, applying filters, and working with multi-format and multi-camera footage. The book covers Final Cut Pro's exciting new features, including iChat Theater support, the redesigned speed tools, and sharing projects on a Blu-ray disc.

- DVD-ROM includes lesson and media files for over 40 hours of training
- Focused lessons take you step-by-step through professional, real-world projects
- Accessible writing style puts an expert instructor at your side
- Ample illustrations and keyboard shortcuts help you master techniques fast
- Lesson goals and time estimates help you plan your time
- Chapter review questions summarize what you've learned and prepare you for the Apple Certified Pro Exam

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